Ethiopia’s 4 days Trek

Gondar – Debark – Sankaber Camp (3,200m) 3hrs driving,

Sankaber (3,200m) – Geech Camp (3,600m)

Geech (3,600m) – Imet Gogo (3,926m) – Inatye – Chennek (3620m)

Chennek (3620m) – Buwahit peak(4430m)

You Walk 5 hours / 810m elevation gain and descent and cover approximately 12km distance altogether. And you will start from Chennek to climb Buahit Peak at 4430m. Ideally, its a small stream that leads you for an hour or two to reach  Buahit Pass. The pass opens up to the North East towards Lori and Sona Villages. Wallia Ibex are seen usually in this beautiful place. And it needs an hour or two to dive into the rocky slope to Buahit Peak. It is strenous to reach at the altitude but the views from the top and the wildlife on the way are more than worth it. After a lunch in Chenek, you’ll be transferred to Gonder .