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About Simien People

A trip to Simien Mountain would never be complete without knowing the people living in the mountain.  Simien people, mostly belonging to the Ethio­pian Orthodox Church,  are called  Amharas and their language is Amharic (Amharigna) and it is the  Ethiopia’s official tongue. Since sixteenth century, several Muslim settlements were established in the Simien and they have settled and inter­mingled with the Christian majority and eventually this region today consists members of both religious groups.

Most Muslim people in this region are farmers and supplement their farming activities by weaving.


Life Styles

Since their farming methods are inefficient and destructive to the land, they move higher mountain areas suited for cultivation, thus improving their life.
By nature, Simien people are very friendly in their character and when they extend hospitality there is no length to which they will not go to please a guest. The main diet is barley, from which they make different dishes including injera, dabbo (a type of bread), roasted barley for snacks, and a mildly alcoholic beverage drink called korefi. Sheep, goats, eggs, and chickens are generally eaten by the people on holidays. Pork is forbidden to both Christians and Muslims.

Pellentesque Ac Quam

Pellentesque Ac Quam

Konso Cultural Landscape

Konso Cultural Landscape is a dry and barren property of 55 square km filled with stone walled terraces and fortified settlements in the Konso highlands of Ethiopia. It is a striking picturesque of a living cultural tradition stretching back 21 generations (more than 400 years) adapted to its dry hostile environment. The landscape demonstrates the social solidarity and engineering knowledge of its communities. This landscape is a perfect destination of anthropomorphic wooden statues – collectively made to represent respected members of their communities and particularly heroic events – which are an unusual living testimony to funerary traditions that are on the verge of disappearing.